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Brother Frederick Dow Fagg Jr. was one of the Charter Members of Kappa Sigma Sigma in 1916.  He was an influential part of the development of our fraternity.  He's also credited for designing the Kappa Sigma pin.

Fred was born in Brooklyn New York.  After attending the University of Redlands he joined the Army Signal Corps when the USA entered World War I.  He became a pursuit pilot with the US Air Service in England with the 92nd Aero Squadron.

After the war he continued his education at Harvard University and received his BA in 1921. Next he attended Northwestern University and received his law degree in 1927, specializing in Aviation.

From 1930-37 he was the founder and editor of the Journal of Air Law.  He wrote the book "Civil Air Regulations", which was influential in U.S. flight safety regulations.

In 1947 he became president of the University of Southern California and served for ten years until 1957.

He died at 85 years old in Oregon in October 1981.

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