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Brother Tom Soenksen











Hamburg, Germany
Fall 2019, Delicate Dick Diddling Doves

On Behalf of the Entire German race, I Apologize

Sergeant at Arms (2X), Pledge Master

Global Business Major & Psychology Minor

840 888 9719

Soccer, Gym, Enjoy the Outdoors

2-3 month Internship for summer 2022, leading to employment in Jan 2023 after graduation in Dec 2022 (ideally in a big city)

Marketing and/or Sales

My name is Tom Soenksen and I am 23 years old. I rushed birds in the fall of 2019 with the class of the Delicate Dick Diddling Doves. Now, 2.5 years later, I am the Pledge Master myself, currently overseeing the process for seven new dirty birdies who will go active in the week after the Rendez-vous.


I'm reaching out to you today because Birds really are my only contact in the United States.  I'm from Germany and am the only member of my family out here.  What Birds has given me these past 2.5 years is more than anyone could have ever asked for and so I'm proud to say that Kappa Sigma Sigma is the closest thing I have to a second family.


The reason I'm writing is because I'm hoping to stay in the US long-term and past college.  In order to do this, I'm looking for an internship in the Marketing/Sales field that could potentially lead to continued employment after I graduate in the Fall semester of this year.  Last summer, I successfully completed my first 3-month internship at a consulting firm in Germany.  I currently have a 3.9 cumulative GPA.


Since I do not have American citizenship, I'm legally allowed to do any internship and then work for up to one year after graduation.  After that one year, the company would have to apply for a work visa on my behalf.  Speaking from experience, many companies shy away from that because there is no guarantee that I will be granted a work visa by the government after that initial year.  I would like to think that my chances are pretty good though, based on my home country and success in college, but there is obviously still a risk.  Another alternative could be if your company is global, that I could possibly be moved to a different country after that first year if I were to be denied the visa.


I would love to continue my dream of staying in the USA but I need your help.  Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or know of something.  Thank you all so much for considering and Drink Beer!

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